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Group and Individual Protection

We all have to face the fact that we are not invincible. Sooner or later we will most likely become injured or ill and require professional medical care. We’re lucky to live in a country that has Health Insurance because what may seem like a minor issue can be extremely expensive. **With the rising cost of healthcare, it is important to have the right coverage. At Lundeen Isaacson Insurance, we have a wide variety of health plan options including individual medical insurance, group health insurance, MSA’s, and short term major medical. 

Life and Disability Insurance

Term Life Insurance is one of the most affordable types of life insurance. Lundeen Isaacson Insurance has access to the most competitive rates in the industry.  For immediate online quotes, click on the term life quote icon below. Disability Insurance is one of the most neglected areas of insurance coverage. You insure your home, your auto, and your life but few people remember to insure one of their most valuable assets……their ability to earn an income. Let us show you how affordable a plan of protection can be.

**According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics a disabling accident occurs approximately once every second! Sickness and other situations also result in the inability to make a living. Thankfully there is a way to help you recover in more ways than one. Make sure you and your family is protected!
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