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Crop Insurance

Crop insurance is one of the most complex areas in the insurance industry. Lundeen Isaacson specializes in being knowledgeable in the fast changing ag-industry. We provide all customers with personalized mapping books for organized and easier record keeping. We cater to each farms specific and individual needs. We have the best crop adjusters and that is extremely important when claim time comes. We make crop insurance simple and we make sure you are covered where you need to be, while keeping premiums low.

We have some of the best crop companies that works with you to keep your cost as low as possible while getting you the coverage you need. They are reliable and constantly updating and changing with the times to make your crop insurance the most effective.

Each insured gets a personalized colored crop mapbook to record their acres and production on. This makes it simple for the farmer to see what field is where and make sure everything is covered how they want it to be. We coordinate with the FSA offices to make sure things match up and make it simple for you to gets your records to us. We love meeting with our farmers and spending time getting to know them and their farms every season.

Your acres are unique, your crop insurance should be too.

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